• Reduced administrative costs
  • Effortless integration with current MRX practice management software
  • Automated email and text message appointment confirmations
  • Secure, personal communication & posting of information or helpful resources option on the Patient Wall
  • Customizable online intake and history forms
Easy-to-use online appointment booking format that automatically synchronizes with the clinic’s system for instant integration of information allows you to easily view the confirmed appointments. Automated e-mail and/or text message reminders are sent to the patient upon confirmation of their selected appointment time. 
OnlineBooking also offers customizable intake and history forms allowing patients the ability to provide you with critical/pertinent information prior to their initial apt. Your clinic will function more effectively, increase booking efficiency permitting further growth.
Yes, via an intuitively-designed Patient Wall on which practitioners can post comments or additional resources in order to personalize treatment. The audience for each file or comment posted is customizable, patients can only view files sent to them, the practitioner cannot receive correspondence via the Patient Wall.
OnlineBooking includes a practitioner biography section, in which each practitioner can set up a brief, personal introduction and upload a photograph if desired. This feature allows a new patient the ability to read about the various practitioners within the practice and therefore make a selection.