• SOAP note chart formatting
  • Access data remotely via any web accessible location, mobile device or iPad tablet
  • Integrate your schedule, practice management, charting and billing software
  • Chat live with other users in your clinic
  • Minimize time spent recording diagnoses and comments by using predefined icons
  • Display only the tests that are relevant to your practice
  • Record vitals, ROM, history, allergies, test results and lifestyle stressors
  • Use interactive diagrams to indicate pain points and ROM
  • Receive automatic reminders for patient re-examinations
  • Customize and manage individual treatment plans
  • Flag critical information in patient records
  • Use interactive spinal diagrams to track areas that have previously been addressed
  • Differentiate treatments, i.e., CMT, activator, A.R.T., torque release, drop, etc
  • View patient progress reports graphically
  • Record treatments across multiple modalities including A.R.T., decompression, shockwave, laser and ultrasound therapies
  • Attach external information such as digital x-rays to designated dates in patient history
  • Export data to satisfy legal and insurance requests for patient documents
  • Log external communications between practitioners and anyone outside the clinic
The ChartMaster™ appointment scheduler is designed for maximum efficiency, allowing you to locate your patient’s electronic chart by simply selecting the booked appointment. You can immediately access and record relevant data. The time-consuming task of organizing travel cards is completely eliminated!  
Each user in the practice has a chat window enabling them to communicate with each other. For example, practitioners can indicate to support staff when a patient’s next appointment should be booked… without even leaving the treatment room. 
The “at-a-glance” format of patient history is another great addition to your tool box; it lets you track whether protocol is being followed by highlighting each patient’s past and future appointments. You can quickly see whether they have missed treatments and adjust their scheduling accordingly.


  • This timesaving feature of ChartMaster™ allows you to accurately capture the full range of patient medical information. Assessment results, medical history, vital signs and subjective descriptions of pain can all be quickly added to the patient record, often with a quick click of the mouse. When taking patient history, for example, a drop-down menu lets you select applicable factors from a list of customizable common responses. Interactive displays also allow you to quickly indicate diagnostic levels visually (and a picture is worth a thousand words).
  • Extensive list of exams: orthopedic exams, palpation, posture and spinal cord tension test
  • Display or hide exams to suit your areas of specialization
  • Responsive history forms ensure that information gathered is relevant to patient’s age
  • Browse and select appropriate diagnostic codes
  • Use the designated recordkeeping sections for systems review, allergies, supplements and lifestyle factors
  • Set up reminders to indicate when it is time for patient re-examination
  • Print easy-to-read paper copies of patient histories, treatments and results
  • Customize individual treatment plans
  • Available upgrades allow you to define stretches and exercises that can be sent to patients, with up to 3 photos per stretch/exercise, as well as detailed descriptions, PDF files and links to videos!


  • One of the key advantages of using MRX ChartMaster™ is the vast reduction in time spent recording treatment notes. The user interface supports all chiropractic modalities including CMT for extremities, A.R.T., shockwave, decompression, ultrasound and laser therapies. An extensive list of icons are also included, representing preset comments and diagnoses. These let you record frequently used statements in a single click. Does the patient suffer from neck pain? Do they require weekly appointments for a set period? One click can note that in their file. The statements are fully customizable, or you can choose to use the options already included.
  • Quickly indicate treated areas by clicking on the specific vertebrae, rib or extremity
  • Use specially-designed icons to insert frequently occurring comments
  • Use colour-coded vertebral diagrams to easily distinguish CMT, A.R.T, torque release, drop, use of activator, etc.
  • Record SOAP notes in your own words
  • Easily create and locate new complaints in patient history
  • View past treatment notes while entering current treatment notes
  • Ability to browse musculature grouped by area to quickly indicate treatment and/or status
  • Ability to quickly view and select diagnosis codes


  • By using the ChartMasterTM application the practitioner can easily integrate other important patient information, such as x-ray films or lab reports, into the patient’s file. Similarly, the creation of reports is made easy by having the previously established information available at your fingertips. The data and reporting features of ChartMasterTM include:
  • Ability to distinguish and attach external documents pertaining to designated dates in the patient’s chart
  • Ability to generate patient visual progress reports
  • Ability to easily export electronic or printed versions of the chart entirely or selectively
  • Fully integrated ICBC / WCB reports ( for BC practitioners)
Use the following steps:


  • You can now check your schedule or patient files from any web accessible location, using your laptop computer, iPad tablet or other mobile devices.
  • Gaining remote access to patient information and management tools is another key to freedom without compromising the success of your practice. This feature is particularly helpful for chiropractors who have more than one clinic location. Using the electronic charting and remote access features of ChartMasterTM provides both convenience and security by eliminating the need to transport patient files or be tied to one physical location.