imasight_logoIt is only a matter of time before all Canadian healthcare professionals will be required to go paperless. MRX Solutions would like to assist you in your transition. Following are a few reasons we hope will entice you to make the change this year;

  • Time and Money: going paperless will save TIME! Keeping accurate paper chart records is time-consuming.
  • Tracking & Sharing: with ChartMaster you can quickly get a detailed review of a patient’s visitation history. You can track follow-up appointments, patient compliance and patient progress.
  • Quality and Quantity: When you create patient notes with ChartMaster you create notes that are accurate and legible in mere seconds.

MRX & ImaSight – A Win Win

MRX Solutions is pleased to announce a full integration of respective technologies with ImaSight, a pioneer in digital x-ray imaging systems. “Our focus at MRX Solutions is to provide the chiropractor with the most advanced software solutions in the market, while presenting those solutions in an easy-to-use format,” said Sava Jurisic, COO of MRX, “we view this integration of ImaSight technology as a big step forward, providing our clients with yet another avenue to streamline their practice while improving their ability to diagnose and treat patients.”
In response to the growing demand for customized treatment and individualized accessibility, MRX has created BookMeIn™. Reducing administrative costs, increasing efficiency and making patients feel valued: BookMeIn™  takes clinic operations to the next level.

  • OfficeMaster ChartMaster and BookMeIn

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