Use the following steps:


  • Go to the SCHEDULER screen
  • Search for specific patient
  • Find the patient and double click on their name; Their name will pop up just above the “search” under “ book an appointment” – you will then want to book a time, date, room (if you are double booking you then want to put the patient in a different room). If it is a new patient, ROF or Orthotic appointment, you’ll want to click the little box next to which ever you want to choose. Keep in mind that you do not have to click on any of those if it is a regular patient as this will be your default appointment type.
  •  Click CONFIRM

(See 3.1.1 on page 10 for further details if necessary.)

Use the following steps:


  • From the Scheduler page on the room view, select the patient entry that you want to undo.
  • Right click their name to bring up a drop-down menu of options; one of these options will be undo. Click on undo.
  • A pop-up window will open asking you for a user name and password to complete this function. Use the same username and password that you used to log on to OfficeMaster™.
  • Once you have typed in the correct entry, the transaction should be undone. If the transaction has been successfully undone, OfficeMaster™ will confirm this with a second pop-up window.
There are two ways to reschedule an appointment, use the following steps:


  • Right-click on the appointment you wish to reschedule.
  • From the drop-down list of options, select “CUT”.
  • Then select the new desired time of their appointment in the scheduler. Right-click on that empty space and from the drop-down list of options, select “PASTE”.
  • A pop-up window will ask whether you would like to reschedule this patient from the original time to the new time. Click on “YES” and the transaction will be complete. OfficeMaster™ will record this action for future reference.


  • Double-click on the patient’s name from the room view scheduler; this will bring up their billing screen.
  • In the upper section of this page where the date is you can change that to the date and time that they rescheduled for; you can also change the practitioner they are scheduled with if needed.
  • When that is done you will go the bottom of the screen and hit “RESCHEDULE”.
There are two ways to perform these functions:


  • If a patient cancels or misses their appointment right-click on their name where it shows up on the scheduler.
  • You will have the option to select “CANCELLED” or “MISSED”. Once you have selected one of these options, a window will pop-up asking you to enter the reason. OfficeMaster™ will record this information for future reference.
  • You then have the option of adding this patient to the recall list directly. Simply check-off the box asking “Add patient to recall?” and then click on “Confirm”. You will automatically be re-directed to the recall entry screen where you can book a follow-up call. Your transaction is now complete and the action will be stored in the patient’s statistics.


  • You can double click on the patient’s appointment entry showing on the scheduler screen. This will bring up the billing window.
  • You will see at the bottom left corner in orange “CANCELLED” and “MISSED”. Click on one of those and it will prompt you to follow the same steps as shown above.
To set an appointment to automatically book across multiple ‘slots’ see the instructions for appointment style modification in the “Patient Classes” section of Site Management, section 4.2.2. 
To change the colour of a selected appointment type or ‘patient class’, see the instructions for appointment style modification in the “Patient Classes” section of Site Management, section 4.2.2.
From the Room-View page of your scheduler, check-off the small box at the very top centre of the page next to the description “Canc/Missed/Reschd. Only”.
Use the following steps:


  • Go to Patient Mgmt screen.
  • Click on “Reset screen” button.
  • Start entering New Patient demographic details.
  • Once you are finished, press “Create New Patient”.

NOTE: In any of the available fields, you CANNOT use special symbols such as “&”, “<”, “>”, “:” and “;” 

Use the following steps:


  • Go to BILLING screen.
  • Click on CLAIM STATUS.
  • Double-click on billing period from which you want to create report.
  • If you want, click PRINT REPORT to print it out.
Use the following steps:


  • Click once on the patients name in the room view scheduler or twice in the day view scheduler.
  • A blue billing screen will pop up.
  • Click on “Fee schedule” and click the box next to whichever fee the patient is to be charged (if it is a supply you want, go to the supply tab and click on the corresponding supply).
  • Note: If they are paying for a supply and a visit, first select the visit type. Then go to the supply and select the supply type. Then hit “OK”. The fee type and cost will pop up in the grey box. For the method of payment click on “Cash” and choose the method of payment the patient is using, and then click “OK”. Once this is done you can click on “Print Receipt”.
  • A new window will pop up showing you what the receipt will look like. If all looks well, then click on “File”, “Print”, and then “Print” again.
  • Once the printing has started you can close that window. The blue screen will still be there. Click “Complete”.


  1. Make sure CAPS-LOCK is not turned “ON”.
  2. Double check that you have entered the correct login information.
  3. If you are still unable to login, call MRX Tech Support.
The DataBase server is most likely down. Close OfficeMaster™  and call the MRX Support line.
If you need immediate MRX assistance, please call the MRX support line at: 604.676.2362
If the claims were not submitted in time, or were rejected and need to be resubmitted, you must:


  • Complete and fax the Practitioner Request for Approval of Over-Age Claims. This form can be found at http://www.health.gov.bc.ca/msp/infoprac/teleplan.html. Go to “Forms” and you will see it under the “Medical & Health Care Practitioners” subsection.
  • When the form has been sent back approved for late submission, you can proceed to bill it on OfficeMaster ™.
  • Go back to the billing and resubmit using Submission Code “A” (on the upper right-hand side of the screen, in the Insurance section).
Possible reasons you could not submit:


  • Your link to MSP could be disconnected.
    • Solution: Check your Internet connection.
  • Your sequence# could be corrupted.
    • Solution: Click on “Set Seq Num
  • Your MSP password could be expired – if so you will see an orange “Warning” button on main screen system menu!
    • Solution: Follow the instructions to change your MSP password in section
Go to the PATIENT MANAGEMENT screen and select the patient. Click on the “Visit History” button on the left menu. Use the “Multi-Payment” tool (yellow button). For detailed instructions on how to complete this task see section in this manual.

There are two possible reasons why this message appeared:


  • You selected a default insurance carrier and you left the MSP Fee Code field empty.
  • You predefined a non-existent Fee-Code in the Site Mgmt -> Frequent Fee Codes window.
 Go to http://www.worksafebc.com/ and click on Health Care Providers at the bottom left hand corner. You will see a list of all of the Invoice Codes on a screen like this:



If you don’t have enough change to give to the patient you can create a “cash credit”.

For example: If the visit is $25 and the patient gives you $30, you would (with their approval) enter a cash credit of $5 into the system to be deducted from their next visit payment.
Use the following steps:

  • Enter their fee in the grey box in the blue screen (see Img.5.4 below) and under the received column you would enter $30. The cash credit will then automatically be applied to their account.
If the patient has a cash credit, it will show up in bright green at the top of the blue screen.


  • Enter the “Fee Schedule” as usual.
  • Check the “Use Credit” checkbox
  • System will allocate the Cash Credit towards all items. You can modify how much credit to be used towards any item by clicking on the “Cr.Used” cell on a corresponding item.
  • In the example below, the patient has $200 Cash Credit, and he/she wants to use $42 towards the massage visit, while paying for the supplement separately by VISA.


First, from the Patient Management screen, complete the WCB form you wish to send. Next create a billing transaction to charge for the report and send it as an attachment.  See section for instructions on how to complete this task.
Most likely you need to update your MSP teleplan password. Refer to section for instructions.