EHR Implementation


There are many reasons the implementation of an EHR system could be unsuccessful. Here are a few popular reasons; changing too many programs at once, poor support, poor training, templates are inadequate…
What if you found a software company that could not only address the above mentioned issues but accommodate all of the specific needs of your clinic and even exceed your expectations?


MRX Solutions works with each and every new client to ensure the following;

  1. You, your associates and staff are trained and feeling confident prior to the transition from your current software to our scheduling and billing program; Only then do we transition you to ChartMaster, our electronic charting program It is imperative that a clearly defined step by step process be in place to assist you in a transition to new, more effective software.
  2. MRX Solutions has two full-time Developers, a Customer Service Representative and an Account Manager who are all present and on hand to assist you with any type of support that you deem necessary. Even after having provided training, we’re just a phone call away for any questions.
  3. If there are templates that do not exist in OfficeMaster or ChartMaster, our developers can work with you to implement them. In order to truly determine whether we’re a good fit for your practice, we’ll need to provide you with a free demo

We look forward to assisting you with your software solutions!!

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